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19.5” LOOKAH Skyscraper Water Pipe Glass

SKU: wpc756

19.5” LOOKAH Skyscraper Water Pipe Glass.

19.5” LOOKAH Skyscraper Water Pipe Glass.

Embrace the high-society corner of the cannabis world with Your Highness glass bong. You’ll get the royal experience of weed smoking with this 19-inch bong that oozes class and offers impressive smoke filtration that’s unrivaled.

The heavy-duty pinched bowl is where the action starts. Light your herb there and watch as it’s drawn down through an 11 arm sprinkler perc, creating a rush of bubbles and whipping your smoke into clean, purified perfection

It doesn’t stop there: Those smoke immediately pass through three honeycomb perc-containing mini chambers for even more cooling and smoke dispersion. Then come the recycler tubes, passing the smoke into connecting chambers and circulating it for a hit that’s smoother on the throat. To crown off this royal highness experience is the ice pinch, which lets you add extra crispness to the flawlessly-conditioned smoke. This ice bong is a cool operator.

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