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Lookah Triple Stack Multi-Chamber Percolator Bong (1 Count)

SKU: wpc704

The triple stack is named for the three chambers which make up this behemoth of a bong.

Each chamber features a layer of percolation or filtration, which, combined, deliver the ultimate smoking experience.

A wide downstem acts as an ash catcher before leading to an 11 armed sprinkler perc. From there, the glass narrows into a hollowed-out space forcing your smoke and water through a swiss cheese styled layer that supports the middle chamber.

As the smoke begins to concentrate, a barrel-shaped Faberge egg-like percolator splits it from the water pulling the rich, heady smoke into the final chamber.

With colored accents and a broad base, this 16.5-inch big bong is a study smoking piece that offers spectacular rips for maximum enjoyment.

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Height: 16.55”
Weight: 1500 GM
Base Size: Round
Color: Random.

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