Tsunami Apple Double Donut Showerhead Perc 26″ (1 count)

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Standing tall at 26”, and uniquely designed for the smoothest of hits, the Apple Double Donut Showerhead Perc Pipe is equipped to elevate any high. With multiple percolators, you’ll watch as smoke swirls from chamber to chamber, bubbling as you inhale. The filtration techniques not only deliver a cool and calm hit, the rising smoke provides quite a show, too. Even better? You can get down with cooler temps, by adding ice cubes in specifically designed notches in the premium glass tube. The Tsunami Apple Double Donut Showerhead water pipe is as sleek in design, as smooth in hits.

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The compact yet complex designed Tsunami Apple Double Donut Showerhead Perc water pipe has the features to filter your rips in a clean, tight package. The stunning aesthetic has maximum percolation powers, with sprinkler perc, spiral perc and two honeycomb disc percs, too. The smoke filters and cools with ultimate bubbling water action, as it twists and turns rising to the top. The sensational show delivers superior taste, from ultra filtered hits. With a round stable foot, and slightly curved mouthpiece equipped with a splashguard, the Tsunami Sprinkler Honeycomb Twist Recycler pipe has the functional features to match it’s filtration perks.


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1 review for Tsunami Apple Double Donut Showerhead Perc 26″ (1 count)

  1. Fadexrucks

    This is the Crown Jewel of my collection. Absolute perfection and I use it only for special occasions. You can’t find it less than $269 anywhere else. It is $99.99 here; about a 63% discount. No wonder it is sold out. I’m just glad I was able to snag one before it was all gone and it hits like no other. Sooners distributors is truly a great family owned company, with great prices and unmatched customer service. I hope they can get this back in stock, because I will like to buy another just in case something bad happens to the one I currently have. And only at this prices can I afford to collect and occasionally replace these beautiful and artistic water pipes. They have been my one stop shop for everything smoke related and I have never been happier. So thank you!

    But while I wait for this to be restocked(if it ever will be), I may have to snag one or a few of their Lookah water pipes. But hey don’t judge me. Like many people out there I too am a victim of great products at unbeatable prices, with unmatched customer service from a great family owned business. It doesn’t get better than this.

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